Which Notes database properties replicate?

Which Notes database properties replicate?
Technote: 1112871 (FAQ)

A change is made to an existing mail quota on the main Domino® server, however, this change does not replicate to the clustered server.

Notes® database quotas do not replicate during regular or cluster replication. You must enter the same quota values manually on all servers where the replica exists.

Supporting Information:

The following table lists some other common Database Property settings and whether they will replicate or not:

Archive settings     Yes
Replication settings     No
Encryption settings    No
Disable background agents for this database    No
Allow use of stored forms    Yes
Display images after loading     Yes
Web access: Use JavaScript when generating pages     Yes
Web access: Require SSL    Yes

Inherit design from template (template name)    Yes
Database is a template (template name)    Yes
List in Database Catalog    Yes **
Show in ‘Open Database’ dialog    Yes **
Do not mark modified documents as unread    No
Include in multidb indexing    Yes **
Multilingual database     Yes
Default language,region, sort order    Yes

Don’t maintain unread marks     Yes
Replicate unread marks    Yes
Document table bitmap optimization    Yes
Don’t allow simple search (release 8)    No
Don’t overwrite free space    No
Maintain LastAccessed property    Yes
Disable transaction logging    No
Allow soft deletions    Yes
Don’t support specialized response hierarchy    Yes
Don’t allow headline monitoring    No
Allow more fields in database    Yes
Limit entries in $UpdatedBy fields    Yes
Limit entries in $Revisions fields    Yes
$Undelete Expire Time    Yes

** It has been discovered that, in some cases, these three particular design settings do not replicate. This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR #GAPN79BQ3F and is under investigation. The issue has been reproduced in Domino 6.5.6 and 8.x.

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