Adicionando 2 ou mais servidores numa mesma comunidade Sametime


How a Sametime server establishes a community connection with other Sametime servers

This document describes how a Lotus® Sametime® server establishes community connections with other Sametime servers. The document discusses resolving firewall issues and resolving network address translation (NAT) conflicts.
Typically, E Server entries such as “Failed to connect to server” with a reason code, or “has wrong net address” are entered in the sametime.log file for either server. The general symptom is a lack of awareness between servers.Successful connections display as:
I Server 13/May/05, 07:01:30 Logged in to server

Compact operation not performed immediately on a busy server

TechNote: 1247507


You want to execute a compact operation on a Lotus Notes/Domino database from within Notes. In the Notes database, from the File menu, you choose Database > Properties > Info panel > Compact. The following message appears in the status bar:

      “Your request to compact this database is now being carried out”.

However, after waiting several minutes, you notice that the size of the database reported on the Properties Info panel has not changed.

You verify that the Notes database is not logged (Transactional Logging is enabled) and that you have access to the Compact button (manager access in the ACL) since these could be reasons why the database size has not reduced