Notes 9 Help

Using the Smart Upgrade Run-As wizard


Optional command line arguments Description and use Attached kit example Shared network drive example Use with Smart Upgrade Run-As
/w Use with Smart Upgrade Run-As. Allows SURUNAS.EXE to wait because the Notes client should not be restarted until all processing is complete.

Note: You should always use the /w parameter when using Smart Upgrade Run-As.

-a /s /w / v”ALLUSERS=1 /qn” /s /w /v”ALLUSERS=1 /qn” Yes
-a Passes all arguments to the file that is being launched. -a /v”/qn” Does not apply No
/a Administrative installation. -a /a /a No

Note: Always place a blank space immediately after the /s.

For attached kit, does not display the dialog box that prompts the user to input the location to which the files are to be installed. By default, the files are placed in the user’s TempDir\NotesInstall

For shared network drive, does not display the Install Shield initialization box.

-a /s /s Yes
/v Passes arguments to MSIexec. All arguments entered to the right of the argument /v apply to MSIexec. -a /v”xxxx”

Where xxxx = any optional argument.


Where xxxx = any optional argument.

/q Sets the interface level. For example, /qn indicates no user interface displays during the upgrade. -a /v”qn” /v”/qn” Yes
-d Specifies that files are extracted to a temporary directory, from which they are deleted when the update is complete.

The argument -d must be the first argument in the series of arguments.

-d -a /s /v Does not apply. Yes

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