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Helen – we had to open a ticket with IBM/Lotus to get our awareness issues working on our servers. They (the DWA – Domino Web Access team) provided me with two server.ini file settings:


I believe the first setting –> iNotes_WA_STLinksLocal=0 is used to tell Domino to NOT bother looking into the Person record’s SametimeServer field for the Sametime servername, instead, look for the other server.ini setting of –> iNotes_WA_SametimeServer= setting. Hope this helps.

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Working with Notes.ini variables from the Domino console
I know that almost every admin in the Lotus world know that you can set INI variables from the Server Console, but, did you know you can delete the complete variable as well ?

To add or change a value from the Domino console:

set config VARIABLE_A=1
set config VARIABLE_B=Hola

To remove the variable from the Notes.ini:

set config VARIABLE_A=
set config VARIABLE_B=

Exact, just set the variable to nothing. It will remove the line from the Notes.ini

Also, if you are wondering if the variable is there or not or you don’t remember the full name:

show config d*
sh config deb*
show config debug*

That will give you a list with all variables in the Notes.ini starting with the requested characters.